Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the landline number and mailing address for the University?
Barrett Hodgson University
NC-24, Deh Dih
Korangi Creek, Karachi 74900
Tel: +92-21-35122931-35

2. Does the University have a Facebook page?
Yes, it does. The address is:

3. How do I get to BHU The Salim Habib Campus?
Please see the map on the Contact page on our website:

4. Who can seek admission to BHU?
For details on admission eligibility please visit the Admissions page on our website.

5. When will admissions be announced?
Admissions are generally announced at least 2 months prior to the beginning of the session. Our next session starts in August, 2017.

6. What is the fee structure?
For all information on fee related queries please visit our website.

7. What courses does BHU offer?
For all program information please visit our Admissions page

8. Does BHU offer any scholarships?
The University offers scholarships and financial assistance to meritorious students. Further details can be accessed from our website.

9. Are there campus tours for visitors?
Although the University does not run regular tours, you can request that one be given by contacting our Marketing and Communications Department. Tel: 021-35122931 Ext 221/226

10. Where can I find out about BHU events?
Please visit our Events page for a detailed look at the upcoming events.

11. Where can I find information about financial aid?
For detailed information on our Fee structure and Financial Aid please visit our Fees page on the website.

12. Who can use the BHU library?
BHU Library is open for use by University students, faculty and staff only.

13. Does BHU have any sports facilities?
BHU is home to state of the art sports facilities which include a purpose built gymnasium, a basketball court, badminton and tennis courts as well as indoor swimming pool. A walking track, volleyball court and football ground are also part of the sports facilities.

14. Where can I report the unauthorized use of the BHU name or logos?
For any unauthorized use of the name and/or logos of the University can be reported to the Marketing and Communications Department at or by calling 021 3512 2931 Ext 221/226.